Can I Appeal My Portland Oregon Property Taxes?

Property taxes are a hugely contentious topic, especially in Portland Oregon’s Multnomah county. I frequently get asked the question, “How can I reduce my Portland property taxes?” We won’t get into all of that here, I just want to touch on the process of appealing them in Portland and when you may be eligible.

The first thing to note is you may appeal property taxes based only on your real estate’s assessed RMV (Real Market Value). You can find that number out at

Every year on January 1, Portland real estate is assessed for that year’s RMV. An arm’s length sale of that particular property, sales in the neighborhood, and exception events (remodels and improvements) inform this number. If you can prove a county assessor has placed too high a value on any improvements you’ve made, you may have a case to appeal your RMV. Keep in mind, improvements do not include maintenance! Things like painting your house, replacing your roof, or replacing single pane windows (which are no longer available for purchase) with inexpensive double pane windows do not count toward improvements and should not increase your RMV.

If you think your real estate in Portland has been erroneously assessed, you’ll appeal to BoPTA (Board of Porperty Tax Appeals) and request a hearing. The deadline for appealing through BoPTA is Dec. 31 of the year of taxation (e.g. the assessor places value Jan. 1 2018, taxes are mailed out Nov. 2018, your deadline is Dec. 31 of 2018). ORS 305.288 states that if the RMV assigned by the assessor is 20% or more above the actual market value, you have the right to appeal for that year plus two years prior, giving you a little bit more time.

You can learn more at the Multnomah County website, and if you’d like to an expert’s ear moving forward in this process I highly recommend getting in touch with Steve Anderson.


Hilary Contolini, Portland realtor

Hilary Contolini