Getting to know Portland's Public Schools

The Portland, Oregon metropolitan area comprises 15 school districts. Portland Public Schools (PPS) is the largest of these, made up of nine total high schools. An incredibly detailed delineated map of these district boundaries can be found here. To look up a specific home, type any address into this map and learn which Portland Public School district it falls into.

To learn more about the adjacent districts, this article is a good place to start.

Not all schools are created equal, and the reality is far from that; metrics will begin to give you an idea of the inequity present throughout PPS. It’s an incredibly political and personally triggering issue for many, so rather than publicly draw lines in the sand and broadcast my own discoveries, I’d rather sit down with you for coffee and tell you about my experience working with 7th graders from every public school in the district and my experience attending PPS, from Ainsworth Elementary through Lincoln High School. #blessed #biased #closetothefire


Hilary Contolini, Portland realtor

Hilary Contolini